Anita Byrant Sucks Oranges

Student Project

Graphic Design

Austin Woodward


Austin Woodward
Anita Bryant Sucks Oranges is not just a student project, but my personal and creative passion project that embodies my deep connection to Queer Art History. The genesis of this project was the phrase "Anita Bryant Sucks Oranges," which I encountered in a thought-provoking philosophical paper on Queer protest and art history.

This phrase immediately captivated me, and I felt an overwhelming need to delve deeper into its meaning and significance. As a result, I embarked on an exciting journey to create a unique zine that explores the print protest ephemera from Anita's infamous 1977 'Save Our Children' anti-gay campaign, bridging my connection to Queer art and my approach to graphic design. Through my research and analysis, I uncovered the long-term negative impact that this campaign had on the nationwide Queer community, and the dozens of examples of print protest pieces.

My passion for this project was fueled by the desire to shed light on the forgotten ephemera that was the only means of spreading a message during the time. The process of creating this zine was a labor of love, and I poured my heart and soul into every page. From the evocative imagery to the poignant prose, every aspect of this zine reflects my unwavering commitment to celebrating the Queer community's resilience and determination in the face of adversity. The creativity behind their protest pieces fueled me, and still captivate my thoughts.

"Anita Bryant Sucks Oranges" is not just a zine. It is a work of art that represents my deepest beliefs and values, and I hope it inspires others to embrace their uniqueness and stand up for what they believe in.

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