FORM is the result of a collaborative effort by the UARK BFA Graphic Design class of 2021 to create a collective senior show identity. Our diverse class was organized into smaller groups, and my team of six designers, under the guidance of Lane Kendall, was tasked with crafting an identity that would showcase each student's capstone project while allowing for individual expression.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept us separated from our classmates for two years, we approached this project with a spirit of fun and creativity. Our central design concept was centered on the letter O. We asked each student to reimagine the O with a shape that represented their unique vision. This approach allowed FORM to take on any "form" each student desired (you see what we were getting at?), while also serving as a unifying element for the entire brand identity.

Throughout the creative process, we prioritized inclusivity, individuality, and impact, carefully considering every element of the brand identity, from the color palette to the typography. The result is a bold and memorable identity that reflects the diverse perspectives and talents of our class.

I invite you to scroll down explore our hard work and see how FORM's dynamic and versatile identity captures the essence of our collective creativity.

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