Looking Into Encounters with Luck

These series of posters were designed for an exhibition of selected works from students in Abstract Painting at The University of Arkansas which focused on provisional painting styles. The posters reflect the often hard to see relationships between form, color, and painting techniques that arise during the painting process. These posters were designed to force viewers to stop and interact with the imagery, demanding the same space paintings do. Below you can see my work which was selected for this exhibition.

About Me

Austin Woodward, A collaborative, kind-hearted, and energetic Graphic Designer with a meticulous eye for detail and three years of experience in visual identity, project management, marketing, and brand strategy.


Graphic Designer
Houndstooth Press

2022 - 2023
Graphic Designer
Field Agent

2019 - 2022
Graphic Designer
Walton College of Business Communication Center


P: (479) 217 1898
E: AustinBWoodward@gmail.com