The Loyalist

Passion Project
Have you ever taken an enneagram test and felt uneasy about the negative aspects it revealed? As a type 6 wing 7, I dread disclosing my enneagram type on job applications. How can I explain away all the negative traits this enneagram type carries if I’m brushed off as insecure before ever getting to the interview? With this insecure thought pattern, I decided to turn this dread into a passion project.

In undertaking this project, I chose to reflect only on the positive aspects of my enneagram. I am fiercely loyal, community-focused, highly analytical, and highly ethical. Not only do these traits benefit myself, but I can bring them to every job and project I participate in. I took on the challenge of trying to represent my enneagram in a brand identity, something that I could use to brand myself so that others could understand me easily.

I took a lot of time to develop this brand identity, sketching and pondering for hours on how to represent these aspects of myself. It clicked while watching ducks wade across a pond – their ease above the water was in sharp contrast to their active kicking below the surface. Their grouping activity and active participation in watching for danger to protect their loved ones. What a perfect metaphor for myself.

I proudly christened my brand ‘The Loyalist,’ a nod to my fiercely loyal nature and the ducks too. My main mark was built through creating a modular system, taking a circle and breaking it into four even pieces. This allowed me to create my mark by constantly playing and analyzing how these fit back together to form a duck and spoke to how I cherish parts of a community coming together in support of another. I chose to work the number 6 directly into the mark to engage directly with my enneagram type.

For brand support, I focused on a color palette that reflected nature and my own wardrobe. I focused on using my favorite type, Flexa Mono by Grilli Type. This variable ink trap font embraces the idea of a fluid design space and allows for dynamic and joyful representation through its large variety of type weights. It felt distinct and familiar to me and reflected the deep history of print press processes – perfect for my enneagram's analytical mind.

Finally, I created physical pieces that felt like things I would wear to comfort myself and help others understand my personality from a distance. Nothing beats a cozy hoodie, socks, and a cup of coffee for me. This wrapped up my enneagram passion project perfectly and allows me to display to others some of my positive personality traits.

I invite you to keep scrolling, and view my pitch deck and brand guide.

About Me

Austin Woodward, A collaborative, kind-hearted, and energetic Graphic Designer with a meticulous eye for detail and three years of experience in visual identity, project management, marketing, and brand strategy.


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