The Loyalist 

The enneagram is a tool used to denote and help understand personality traits and how you relate to others to create efficiency through self-knowledge in group projects. I was designated Type 6, The Loyalist from this style quiz. From this enneagram’s descriptions, a brand identity was created around the figure of a duck, embodying a personality type that thrives with support and various opinions. A fleshed-out brand identity was developed to create physical print media to help explore my personality through physical objects.

About Me

Austin Woodward is a multifaceted graphic designer focused on creating conceptual and unexpected solutions across branding, identity, print, and digital media. His work stresses experimentation, color, and cohesive typography.


2019 - Present
Junior Designer
Walton College of Business Communication Center

2017 - 2021
Prestiege Beauty Associate
Ulta Beauty


P: (479) 217 1898