Wolfgang Weingart Zine

Student Project
The creation of this zine has been a deeply personal journey, fueled by a passion for historical graphic design figures and a desire to honor their legacies. After weeks of dedicated research, my attention was captivated by the enigmatic Wolfgang Weingart. It was his unwavering commitment to exploration and experimentation that spoke to me on a visceral level, as I recognized those same qualities within my own design process. As a pioneer of the Swiss typographic style and the father of the New Wave of Swiss Punk typography movement, Weingart laid the groundwork for the very typographic style that I was trained in and continue to utilize to this day.

In the telling of Weingart's life story, I was drawn to the idea of exploring the relationship between his early experiences and his subsequent rise to prominence in the design world. In particular, I was struck by the political turmoil of World War II, and how this tumultuous backdrop might have shaped Weingart's worldview and creative vision. Through the use of found poetry and evocative imagery, I sought to delve deeper into the emotional undercurrents that informed Weingart's life and work, and to uncover the hidden connections that link our own creative journeys to his iconic legacy.

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