Wolfgang Weingart Zine

This Zine is a printed piece formed through weeks of research into graphic design historical figures. It is focused on Wolfgang Weingart who was internationally renowned for swiss typography and the father of New Wave or Swiss Punk typography. The Zine tells the story of Weingart’s life in combination of found poetry focusing on the political strife felt worldwide, and during Weingart’s early life, during WW2. 

About Me

Austin Woodward is a multifaceted graphic designer focused on creating conceptual and unexpected solutions across branding, identity, print, and digital media. His work stresses experimentation, color, and cohesive typography.


2019 - Present
Junior Designer
Walton College of Business Communication Center

2017 - 2021
Prestiege Beauty Associate
Ulta Beauty


P: (479) 217 1898
E: AustinBWoodward@gmail.com